Sure Flake


Made from specially sourced, premium softwood, Sure Flake is the natural choice for all animal bedding solutions.

Looking for a long lasting, cost effective, natural horse bedding solution?

Sure Flake is made from premium kiln-dried, wood shavings that provides comfortable, durable, dust free horse bedding.

Sure Flake is rigorously screened for unwanted debris and flake consistency, and it’s dust extracted meaning Sure Flake is among the cleanest and safest horse shavings available today.

Sure Flake horse shavings are locally sourced from sustainable pine making them the natural leader in dust free animal bedding solutions.

30 bales per pallet; each bale weighs between 22 and 25kg (total pallet weight 660kg – 750kg).

All our pallets are wrapped in weather-proof material for outdoor storage.

If you have limited access to your property please notify us in advance.  For larger deliveries you will need a forklift to remove the pallets from the wagon.

Payment in full is required before delivery.  We will notify you of full cost and payment options once you complete the enquiry form on this page.

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We deliver all throughout mainland UK so to place an order or request a quote, please fill out the form provided below and we will get back to you at your earliest convenience. Alteratively you can call us for further details.

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Minimum order quantities

Please note our minimum order quantities below:
All distances are from our farm, postcode PR4.

0-10 miles

60 bales

2 pallets

11-25 miles

100 bales

3 pallets

26-50 miles

240 bales

8 pallets

over 50 miles

576 bales

16 pallets

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