Gold Bed


Gold Bed is double dust-extracted, finely chopped straw bedding.

Straw is very biodegradable, taking just 2-3 months to rot down, making it a very cost effective solution for those having to pay for muck heap removal as well as being more beneficial for the environment.

Gold Bed delivers a virtually dust free environment and is often a more economical as less straw is required to cover a similar space.


30 bales per pallet; each bale weighs between 22 and 25kg (total pallet weight 660kg – 750kg).

All our pallets are wrapped in weather-proof material for outdoor storage.

If you have limited access to your property please notify us in advance.  For larger deliveries you will need a forklift to remove the pallets from the wagon.

Payment in full is required before delivery.  We will notify you of full cost and payment options once you complete the enquiry form on this page.

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